Thursday, May 18

If you have someone's memories
You have a universe

How do we know dna is static
Maybe it goes off like a volcano

It is a situational dance isn't it?

Of course I idolize my father.
Everything I do have is because of him.

I am more paranoid than delusional,
But where do the delusions start,
And the paranoid end.

Monday, March 20

Obstruction of Office

Why are we singling out Russia?
Other nations have artists that sing about it from 20 years ago.

It seems one witch hunt just leads to another witch hunt
Progress gets made and roadblocks are put up

I was wanting to say something,
But I felt it would be offensive.

Mounted pedestrians?
Swiss guard?

I am having a windows nightmare.
I haven't seen a machine this sick since 1998

Apparently Intel and Microsoft are at odds over antivirus utilities 

Mcafee was telling me nothing was wrong and it was fighting me
Obviously something was wrong
Machines don't get that sick and nothing is wrong 

I just wanted it to do a scan for Pete's sake
It should be able to do a scan on command

Mcafee wouldn't do a scan
And it wouldn't let defender do a scan
I got to get control of this machine

Some people believe what the computer is telling them
Some people don't

I wrote one time that it was sad we spend hundreds a month on technology
While there are people starving in Africa,
And I think Bill took it to heart
I have no problems with Bill 

I was talking about bill gates
I think it's great Apple has made those apps free
I don't know anything about o'reily

How is it
Someone of his background
Just happened to be working at the school book depsitory?

How often does the king come that close to you?
How often does he come that close, and you have a rifle?

What I am trying to say is...
Kennedy came to Oswald
Not Oswald to Kennedy

It is something that is easy to do forward
But difficult to do backward

They are going to drag me before congress
Before I get a Nobel prize

What is the office of the president going to look like
After we chase President Trump from office

Do we really want our president over a barrel
To the director of the FBI?

Wednesday, February 15

Schizophrenic = Perpetrator

BFIt's harder for things to evolve if you try to own them.
That's my opinion anyway.

I don't remember why I came to have that opinion.
If I did I would be trying to own it.

It is augmented.

My perp said he would cut off my nookie supply if I ever fingered him.
Imagine that.

Occam's razor says lead.

The closest thing to victim a schizophrenic is ever going to get.

Schizophrenic = Perpetrator

Giving new meaning to the word watergate.

I did not start out on the right.
Now that I know what left and right is about,
I am glad to be on the right.

It seems some looked into my ravings and profited.
I warned my dad that was going to happen.

I give my shit away for free,
Because I am on somebody's shit list,
And I am getting blackballed.

I have the right to exist and I am defending myself.

They make deals with the devil
And when they can't deliver or fall short
They blame republicans 

I am defending myself 
I don't have the luxury of an opinion.

I saw a sign between the bushes and I know I need to stop,
But I don't know if I can.

There is a better life out there that I can't have
If I keep doing what I am doing.

Monday, January 16

Go patriots

If they are going to stitch people to it,
They should at least know what the Big Bang is.

I have pissed somebody off.
This is ridiculous.

If you don't think about sex every eight seconds,
Something is wrong with you.

It was never even an option for me.
The people spreading those rumors had their own motivation.

There are people out there whose issue is gay or not gay.
I am never going to convince those people.

I think we need to come to terms with the fact,
I am not fitting into the formula.

"I don't like it anymore than you do..."

Be thankful you don't live in a place,
Where it's racist to love your hometown.

Oh my goodness can you believe it!

Oh my gosh I have never seen a game like this!

Go Patriots!

Thanks for the response,
I appreciate it.

Sunday, December 4

Formulaic Pest Control

It's thought Christ is a pansy.
It's thought love is in hell.
It's thought Christ is not going to physically do anything.
It's thought he needs to finish what he started,
Do what he promised.

This is not radical.
Millions of people believe this.

Democracy is not the real experiment.
The real experiment is whether we can live together or not.
Whether we can recognize reality or not.
Whether we are his or not.

Yzax is a discovery 
If it is not assimilated it my never be discovered again

I may have been crazy to think one of my posts might cause wwiii,
But we are in the center of it snow aren't we.

I know I have foreshadowed things before.
I hope I am wrong about this one.

Is there an x they have anything good to say about?

It looks like the manna machine.

Lithium = dose of reality = stitched to the bang

What are tunneling led's

She got angry
She fought
I am afraid to play my Nintendo

Sometimes I realize people are trying to get a reaction out of me,
So I try and fake it,
But that doesn't work
And it hasn't worked before
So I end up doing nothing

She would drive me crazy going to the women's room,
But she wasn't afraid to be confrontational.

Happy birthday professor hawking.

How do you know this isn't the second chance?
I don't want to live this reality over and over again.

How does anyone know what normal is
When there is lead all over everything?

I am not going to jail over you.

Tuesday, November 8

The Dave Topology

It's not worth my sanity.

It is considered creepy and stalking

If they admit to what is happening in the polls,
It will make their situation worse.
I have no problem with it.
They lie and hide from the people,
Let the people hide and lie to them.

If states had rights
You wouldn't have to worry about your marriage
Or reproductive rights

If California wants to do one thing
And New Jersey wants to do something else
To a certain extent
They should be able to do that

Unfortunately it becomes a race issue and doesn't work.

It is the last hoorah of the silent majority.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Issues can always be hijacked by people who want to do the wrong thing

I decided to see if my vote mattered or not.

Actually I felt the party I voted for would have an unfair advantage.

They have four years to prove to the rest of us they are right.

A bunch of tricksters who want to play mind games on the public
Is not a demographic I want to be a part of.

I think the real question is whether doing without is a viable alternative.

Just because you discovered fire doesn't mean it belongs to you.
It's my mind's topology now and there is nothing I can do about it.
You only need one anyway.

Thursday, August 18

Universal Saturation

Is saturation real?
Or is it what you decide it to be?

What is universal saturation?

Mine is the same as yours, is the same as his...
Or, Mine is mine, yours is yours, his is his

In a scramble nothing is substituted 

If I gave every line its own page, it would cause a mess.
It is less spambolic that way.

The bizzarro people like that I leave it open like that.

It's like reality, you never know when the door is going to close.

You put it on the bus, and it just bounces around in there until you ask for it again.

They are bringing packets back from the dead.

States may resign and become dysfunctional.