Wednesday, July 22

You can experience it,
But I don't think you will ever have proof.

I am not the way I see myself am I.

Did Jesus really tell them the rocks would talk?

I hate the term "High functioning"
It makes it sound I could be better if I tried harder.

If you have an event that needs to happen,
You will have a whole line of things that need to happen,
And some of those things may be in cyberspace
Just as they might in a dream
Which gets down to what dreams are

Just because it sounds bizarre,
Doesn't mean its irrational.
They are two separate things.

We are like gasoline
Nobody has found a use for us yet.

I spend a lot of energy staying rational.

"Lithium is believed to have been created by the Big Bang"
Hence "stitched to the bang"

You give lithium to those who are holographic
It's a dose of reality

I am only half kidding

When you try to understand it,
It gets bizarre.
It's like a warning to stay on your own turf.

God is angry
Somebody needs to step up.
I was in the middle of a vision and they tackled me and didn't let me have it.

Friday, May 29

The cosmopolitan thing to do

I know why the wall still stands.
And so do they.

Well suspect anyway.

People feel like they can't talk
That they can't make any real decisions.

We are hanging by a thread,
And God has the scissors.

Winners can't begin to understand the rest of us.

I did not consider radio communications 
was an advanced class in psychology.

I think I have "theory of mind" impairment.

If left to their own devices,
People will readily kill one another.

Cognitively I am fine.
It is interaction with other people I have problems with.

America is torn.
America does not believe in itself.
America cannot defend its own interests.
Someone else must stand.

It was the cosmopolitan thing to do

She has something she feels needs to be accomplished and she won't compromise. It would be better if I never said anything.

Why are we so celebrated?
What did we do?
Why were you looking for someone like me to begin with?

It is scary to have conversations with someone who obviously has gaps in their memory.

I am supposed to love all women,
Not just one.
And I am not supposed to go down a list.

I don't know if the music is a blessing or a curse.

You get one shot 
If things go south, go south.
Don't go for the endless second chance.
It never works.

I have to sail through.
I can't let the sirens stop me.

Because mankind has been judged before, and they were unable to tell we had already been given a second chance.

They made the mistake in thinking they would be able to tell.

You don't get any brownie points for backing off,
And ten years is not a long time.

I don't know how long it was.
I just woke up one day and I wasn't brushing my teeth anymore.

Broadcasting energy messed up their atmosphere?

Sunday, April 12

Game impairment

It isthe firewall.
It makes the difference between what's possible and what's not.

Any reasonably bright person would run afoul of it sooner or later.

The only way to know its a firewall is what happens when you do away with it.

Here and there doesn't mean anything without then and now.

It's all about the boundaries.
It begins with a boundary.
It ends with a boundary.
Self is a boundary
Place is a boundary
Life as we know it is a boundary

Sometime you let anger get the best of you and you cross a boundary you didn't mean to cross.
You can't get it back and you are left with a life you cannot fix

What is game impairment?

Part of me doesn't understand the radio is not another person.

That's different from thinking everyone is out to get you.

I thought you were kidding when you said I was autistic.

They were trying to sweep up trouble makers, and I got caught in the net.

Some just cant make what causality does to odds

People don't appreciate how debilitating a game impairment can be.

They record people at atm machines that doesn't get used till someone is robbed.

He comes from nowhere.
He can make himself exist.

I don't know why.
I am just struggling to survive.

What is collective dreaming?

It's probably better chances the brain is simulating reality than a computer simulating a brain

Thursday, February 26

Cardinal Fatigue

Why do I have insight and restraint when other psychos don't?

What is Cardinal Fatigue?

The things that are important can deteriorate.

The brick at the bottom has more stress on it than the brick at the top.
But they are still bricks.

God did not tell Adam and Eve they were going to live happily ever after.

What is a device or media with an obscene amount of information?

The girls just want to dash me on the rocks.

Fine don't believe in reverse speech and magic squares.
I will use them and I will have an advantage you won't use.

Belief in God may start because something is biased and partial about the universe.

Let's be clear.
The phrase "average inner thought" came from reverse speech analysis of something I wrote.
I don't know why other people can't get the results I do.
I think it is something that doesn't easily lend itself to scientific study.
That doesn't mean it should be called pseudo science.

Just because you can't get your parrot to talk,
Doesn't mean parrot's don't talk.
Call it parrot talk, I don't mind.
I am going to win out
The parrots don't like trademarks and such.

Toys don't stay at the North Pole forever

I know you don't like me,
But do you have to erase me from history?

I am a real person
I have a real history
I am not trying to break anyone apart
This is who I am

I tried to make this an adult blog, but it did not take.

I was trying to not be the antichrist.

Method for gridlock

Drew Bledsoe was a key player

VCU is a good school
They deserve to be successful 
I want VCU to be successful

I could easily get addicted to basketball 

Maybe the parrots don't feel the need to talk.

It cannot be accepted by some that it is so simple
And that I am more than a normal guy.

He did more for VCU and Richmond than anyone in recent memory
I am sorry to see him leave

Tuesday, January 27

The 12th Planet

Dark time is easy.
Dark time is events that haven't happened

If object permanence is a skill
Then reality is something you must learn.

Reality is a skill I am lacking in.

Why was that so easy to find now?
It wasn't like that before

Anything that sets you apart is a psychiatric condition.

If everything is about sex then why are we here?
We minus well be fruit flies or something.

What a relief.
I thought it was membranes colliding in my head.

I have never seen a more crazy ending in my life!

I didn't do anything immoral or illegal.
I simply expressed my desire for my team to win
In a bizarre superstitious way

Today is national give somebody a truck day.

The biggest symptom of time travel is confusion.

Malcolm XLIX

It is just a way to remember Malcolm Butler's name

I want to make a comment about the "cheating"
But I can't

I have never been officially exonerated
But I did graduate basic
If bad was thought of me
That wouldn't have happened.
It is pac man
It follows me everywhere

Well he won his first
That seems to be a key to future success

What is the one yard line if you can't get stuck on it.

I never wanted my team to win before,
I only wanted them not to lose.

Because people are going to want to know how I know, and saying somebody told me isn't going to be enough.

Riding in a Huey is scary
The one time I was in one I felt for sure I was going to fall out.

I don't consider people care what schizophrenics think.
It is the compulsion to do something that gets them in trouble.

I predicted these buggers
They are playing right into the hand of big brother
They are going to make it impossible to do anything meaningful on the net

The people who crash websites when their darlings don't win.

Reality is the challenge.
Anyone can live in a fantasy world.

They wait until African American history month to play "Birth of a Nation"?

Saturday, January 10


i envy the ability to move on.
I feel like I am stuck.
I feel like I don't have that ability.
I mean how am I supposed to move on.

I guess singlemindedness is good with some things.
For other things it is a disaster

1 + 8 = 9

8 + 16 = 24

24 + 8 = 32

24 + 25 = 49

Math is a good way to jam.

It's not a perfect sequence.
It beats around the bush.

I want to play railroad tycoon with my iPad

Also present, as in Tutankhamun's tomb, were decorative designs featuring the representation of the twelve monkeys, symbolizing the night hours on one of the burial chamber walls. Totally unique to any royal tomb are beautiful bird hunting scenes. The tomb was discovered by Belzoni in 1816.

Read more:

Please forgive me about what is going on with jasmine
I am not strong enough to confront her and stop her
I do not agree with what she posts

They represent dark time

I felt she did not want me in her life
And it was up to her

I felt something spooky was going on
And I felt she knew something

I don't want to get well
I have had enough
Nobody wants to work with me anyhow

You can't rely on what a person remembers and what they don't
It doesn't work

Hey at least I knew what the Big Bang was.
My doctor asked me if it was a good explosion or a bad one.

We are talking universal lethality,
I shouldn't even be here.

Playing around like that is not a good idea.
I don't know why I feel I have to reinvent the wheel.
Well I do but it's a long story.
I just sometimes feel the powers that be don't name things well.

It's the spelling
And the character development
And the dialog
And the adjectives
And do people on the net really want to read paragraphs anyway?

I wouldn't want to play Tom Brady when he is pissed.

I wonder if they count the counties and skip the cities thinking they are in the county.

Calling you paranoid
Is a bigger fly swatter

Fig leaves are one thing,
Lipstick is a whole different thing

Thursday, December 11

Bubble Wrap

We shouldn't have "wiped our assess with it"
I won't do that again.
I apologize

What is a second?
How do you pictograph time?
The universe expands because time is slowing down?
How would we know?

How can there be a universe without universal time?

It's not dark matter
It's universal time?

Recently I have wondered why Relativity doesn't shatter everything.

I guess you don't need it if you don't have problems with it.

Call it dark time
Would it still perform the same function?

Things are not as fragile as it seems they should be.

It's like the universe has bubble wrap.

If this is lucky, I would hate to see what cursed is like.

I think they should call it The Obama Bowl.

I don't mean to treat the language poorly.
I write this way because of a vision I had.

I guess if I got away with it,
everyone would start doing it,
and there would be a domino effect,
and the language itself would suffer.

1 + 8 = 9
9 + 16 = 25
25 + 24 = 49
49 + 32 = 81

What is a magic ladder?

3 is an explosion,
4 is an implosion.

I can't have an answer for everything.
Sooner or later I had to face up to something.

1 square
Surrounded by 8 squares
Is a total of 9 squares