Monday, January 25

The compression floor

I get words
I get pictures
I don't always know what they mean.

Scientific minds don't always have that luxury.

I think it scares them.
I don't think they are ready to think that way.

Just because I allow myself to think that way,
Doesn't mean I am mad or delusional.

I believe there is a bizarro world,
And I don't think they have a high opinion of us.

I wanted to be schizophrenic 
I thought it was cool
A lot of the fears I deal with are hers.

If something cannot be compressed,
will that cause errors?

I need to become accustomed to the idea I am not right about everything.

His ways are not my ways.
My thoughts are not his thoughts.
When the rocks start falling, I am going to be praying like everyone else.

Tuesday, October 27

Rationality and permanence

What is cheating sex?

A pedestrian stepped on a butterfly.

All the music of 77 is just really special for some reason.

It reminds me of lying in front of the console with my Mom,
And going to see Star Wars with my Dad.

Radical Islam will never rule the world in peace.

How do you know something is wrong if it has always been that way?

Here I am bitching about lead,
And vinyl records have lead.

I must have been born desperate.

A championship in many other places,
Would be just another championship.

At VCU it would be much more than that.

How about Styx at the super bowl in Chicago?

Matt and the harmonics 

I don't remember there being 93 different versions no.

Of the coverup,
By the coverup,
For the coverup.

Wednesday, October 21

Potassium permanganate

I understand the John 1:1 debate

I understand the revelation 1:11 debate

God let the GNB be written.

There is a tradition of parsing surrounding the KJV that outsiders do not understand.
That I admittedly do not understand.

For me it is an issue of new wine and old wine

Tuesday, September 22

A domain for the dead

,Nobody wants to be king of the mountain.
It costs too much, and you can't stay there

I may not recognize the truth,
But I am not meaning to deceive anyone.

That there is no magic,
That there is no alchemy,
That is the lie.

There is a difference between resorting to magic to explain something,
And acknowledging it is there

Telling you the truth
Without ushering in the dark ages 

One thing seems certain,
They ain't listening to the carpenters.

The second amendment is about the people's right to revolt,
Not the right to shoot up elementary schools.

I don't think it is understood what would have to be done.

It's not just a 1984 thing
It is a 1963 thing
It makes me hope I am delusional.
That I am making up the absurdity 
I want the words to flow
I want my parrot to talk,
Nobody sees the value in It

It's ok to show because he is Palestinian?ff
I don't recall any one else gunned down on television.

In the beginning everything runs in to a wall
And falls off a cliff.

Thursday, September 3

Colorful Geometry

What is the "yet" operation?

.gov is for tourists
I understand why she wanted her own server
It's not .mil

That is the sort of thing you would do in Nobunaga

What is a fantasy fugue?
I don't think they ever took into account what might happen if someone actually did rewire themselves.

I create too many questions,
And I don't answer any.

Did she really have to do it?
Has it really kept me out of trouble?

I don't remember much about 1983.
I tried to become another person but I failed

Beyond the realm of any possibility.

I won't get an accurate portrayal if leave out the ugly parts.

Have they ever said "poo" on American television?

Someone who is always right is not high on my desirable list.

One percent happens

Psychiatry doesn't think one percent should change the way they treat people.
They talk about the brain making new connections, but aren't ready when it actually happens.

I have rewired myself, and I don't know if it's for the good or bad.
I don't know that this wasn't the whole problem to begin with.

People go seeking help, but it breaks down their resistance and leads them to the dark side.

What is fourth geometry
What are no boundary vectors

We use imaginary numbers,
Why not fourth geometry

I don't think you can understand 3 until you understand 4

I think things start 4 then deteriorate to 3

What is dark geometry?
or maybe "unexpected geometry"
Or unestablished

Wednesday, July 22

Things Meaningful yet Subjective

You can experience it,
But I don't think you will ever have proof.

I am not the way I see myself am I.

Did Jesus really tell them the rocks would talk?

I hate the term "High functioning"
It makes it sound I could be better if I tried harder.

If you have an event that needs to happen,
You will have a whole line of things that need to happen,
And some of those things may be in cyberspace
Just as they might in a dream
Which gets down to what dreams are

Just because it sounds bizarre,
Doesn't mean its irrational.
They are two separate things.

We are like gasoline
Nobody has found a use for us yet.

I spend a lot of energy staying rational.

"Lithium is believed to have been created by the Big Bang"
Hence "stitched to the bang"

You give lithium to those who are holographic
It's a dose of reality

I am only half kidding

When you try to understand it,
It gets bizarre.
It's like a warning to stay on your own turf.

God is angry
Somebody needs to step up.
I was in the middle of a vision and they tackled me and didn't let me have it.

You are stupid.
You think you can do a better job?
Responsibility is the worst thing that can happen to you.
Now what are you responsible for?

Sometimes you are better off with the lemons.

You can't fix things anyway.
It takes generations for things to get fixed.

Friday, May 29

The cosmopolitan thing to do

I know why the wall still stands.
And so do they.

Well suspect anyway.

People feel like they can't talk
That they can't make any real decisions.

We are hanging by a thread,
And God has the scissors.

Winners can't begin to understand the rest of us.

I did not consider radio communications 
was an advanced class in psychology.

I think I have "theory of mind" impairment.

If left to their own devices,
People will readily kill one another.

Cognitively I am fine.
It is interaction with other people I have problems with.

America is torn.
America does not believe in itself.
America cannot defend its own interests.
Someone else must stand.

It was the cosmopolitan thing to do

She has something she feels needs to be accomplished and she won't compromise. It would be better if I never said anything.

Why are we so celebrated?
What did we do?
Why were you looking for someone like me to begin with?

It is scary to have conversations with someone who obviously has gaps in their memory.

I am supposed to love all women,
Not just one.
And I am not supposed to go down a list.

I don't know if the music is a blessing or a curse.

You get one shot 
If things go south, go south.
Don't go for the endless second chance.
It never works.

I have to sail through.
I can't let the sirens stop me.

Because mankind has been judged before, and they were unable to tell we had already been given a second chance.

They made the mistake in thinking they would be able to tell.

You don't get any brownie points for backing off,
And ten years is not a long time.

I don't know how long it was.
I just woke up one day and I wasn't brushing my teeth anymore.

Broadcasting energy messed up their atmosphere?