Saturday, April 7

If you are going to be a stranger because I said this,
Or didn't say that,
Just forget about it.

I don't clearly remember that argument.
I know it happened 
But I don't remember clearly what was said.

Anger over murderous nut cases is being directed towards me.

Go south
See who your Friends are

Some 14th century fox reality show.

If it is going to burn through Hollywood 
If it is going to burn through Washington 
It's not going to stop for a pink curtain 

You don't run edge on a roku

I don't understand what she hoped to accomplish.
I wish I had never said anything.
I would have been better off.

His choice was to be alone 

Put the music up front
And the television in the background 

Have I said that before?

Probably made a complete fool of myself
Silly to think I could make any contribution 
But I am glad y'all still had that stuff
I hardly know what epr is anymore

Everyone is in a band.
There is a glut of it.
I am having the relationship I wanted with it.

Stonewall Jackson was a physics professor?

Saturday, March 17

Safety In Numbers

It You You IJYou 

Apparently if you don't vote gender 
If you don't vote race
You are being duped.

Professor Hawking did it.

I guess that is why we have a tournament.

The republicans presented too many candidates
The democrats nominated the wrong candidate
And that's how we got Trump

Her thought is on demographics.
She doesn't care about the individual.

I am an individual.
There is nothing that can be done about it.
I am sorry if that overturns the apple cart.
I tried to fit into a demographic and I failed miserably.
It is a bubble, get over it.

I don't have a tribal identity.

This is what would happen to a viable aberrant
If there was one.

This is what things would look like
If there was something different about me.

I think they like playing with single celled organisms

It seems, for some, God is about winning arguments,
And for some, it seems, God is the argument that can't be argued against.
The argument of all arguments.
Maybe it's about ending arguments
It all seems foreign to me.

We need answers
Not arguments

Satan is trying to break me
By making me be alone

There is no freedom
If there is no freedom to be an individual.

It is not even my agenda.
I don't know what started this.

I have been under such diametric pressure
That I have mutated.

She would have found a reason to be mad at me.

I fear every president we have is going to go through this now.

Apparently we are not impartial to the arrow of time.

They sell ammo at Walt Disney world?

Nobody shares my vision 
So I am stuck doing it by myself 

I consider, if it is plausible, if it is a simple explanation,
It may be a falsehood, 
But it is not a pathological delusion.

There are things people are mistaken about,
That are not pathological delusions.

I shouldn't have to prove that I am right,
To prove I don't have a pathology

I don't fully understand why I grew up paranoid,
But I do accept I am paranoid.

It makes things difficult,
But I am more paranoid 
Than I am hallucinatory or delusional.

There was some sort of test to decide what they could do with us.
It was clear they considered it a formality.

You really don't want an eventuality,
But if you have one,
It's considered messing with the past to fool around with you.

It is sad when you come to realize,
It's all just safety in numbers.

Thursday, February 22

Seamless integration


I think time goes slower when you smoke.

What is seamless integration?

I'm sorry,
But the NRA needs to be proactive.

Don't forget...
It is very easy to become an irresponsible threat to society.

People are going to forgo getting mental health services.
If they aren't already.

Don't feel smug, it can never happen to you.
Because it can.

I am dumbfounded it was felt that needed to be done,
I guess I don't understand 

The only thing it has done is push me closer to God.

I have seen armed guards at the supermarket.

Wasn't the FISA court supposed to be about terrorists?

It is best to be parochial and grounded.

It's an LL Cool J video 
Biggest video since thriller.

I choose Miami Dolphins to win Super Bowl LIII

I am not an expert
But although some medications may alleviate psychosis
I fear some may introduce causality reversal
I was right about my tensor tympani 
I fear I am going to be right about this too

One percent of anything can be bad news.

Avoid group think 
Make them waste teraflops on you

It's not so much the noise 
As it is the percentile it puts you in

Does the yellow cardinal have a disease?
Or is he just being difficult.

You can't gloss over a yellow Cardinal.
You have to have the detail.
It is a sign of quality.

We don't even make our own bicycles anymore.

It used to be, some would buy the metals and make their own frames.
Now they can send the dimensions to China and have them made and shipped,
Cheaper than they can do it themselves.
That is scary.

I am glad president Trump has proposed to do something about it

There are people that do believe in God,
And if you leave it open like that,
They are going to claim it.

An ostrich bit me in the ass.

If we can't even make our own bicycles,
How are we going to maintain our readiness?

It means I am highly adept at ignoring people.

Once you fool around with it,
You are going to have to continually fool around with it.

I enjoy being creative.
It would be nice if it made money,
But it doesn't have to.

Thursday, February 15

Useful idiot

You You You You IYou 

Plant a tree every single Sunday
And eventually you have a grove
And for a while, maybe, you won't need 

This is not about etiquette.
There are very serious issues about gender roles
And our philosophy.

I understand how planting might work
But I don't understand what damage it might do.

Is it  better than sitting on bottlenecks?

Voodoo works better when it's yours.
Or I if God gave it to you.

They are in the business of selling insurance policies.
We were in a big universal joke.

It might alleviate a bottleneck?

It is a recovered memory 
I was a small child

The left shoves stuff too.

It was an act of desperation
Like a beached whale.

They can't fix society 
So they treat the individual 
And so the individual must solve the problems.

I feel I have been locked in a closet,
And forced to rediscover relativity.

We need to solve these problems,
Or we are going to end up under shariah law.

We can't keep taxing the individual for societal problems.

Why were a bunch of kids dealing with issues like that to begin with?

I don't consider anyone can appreciate what dissolution is like,
Unless they have been through it.

The guy who pioneered stealth,
America took him seriously,
Russia didn't.

I don't think things need to be perfect 
To ascertain if someone has been compromised or not.

I want to believe I am delusional or psychotic,
The something else happens.

I understand why I am a threat.
I don't want the be in the dark.

I am not a rubicks cube.

It is not my fault grandmas were not in your equations.

You can't cover everything.
Grandmas, doves, it's all the same thing.

I wouldn't watch Fox News
If there was anything else to watch.

I understand.
Women want their day.
The only thing men can do is drop bombs and shoot each other.

The NRA needs to solve this problem.
Or these kids are going to solve this for us.

Have clubs
Hold meetings 
Watch out for each other.

If they are going to stand in the way,
They need to lead the way.

Tasking mental health with this problem 
Is not going to work.

We can't call on the government to solve this problem.
The people need to solve this problem.
That is what the second amendment is about anyway.

I feel there are those out there
Who are playing curling with society
And its not for the better either 

It's obvious someone who knows a great deal about humanity,
Is in charge of our situation.

Monday, February 12

What grandmas are for

IUIt You You ,I

I was willing to accept I was schizophrenic in 1985.
There are a lot of cousin Kevins out there who think it's funny.
I don't know what else I could have done.

Don't play with me like that.
It is a cousin Kevin
It's not doing any good.

Because I think, that's why.
I am sorry if that is a problem for you.

I was already in salvage mode.
It wasn't the phone call I planned to make.

You insist you can't do anything,
But it's your book,
You wrote it.
The whole future David Mallory thing is yours.

Ignore what you think you know
Treat it as the first time and it will be

It would be contrived 
It would be fake for me to respond in that manner.

Channel the anger.
Make the anger work for me.

People go through years of therapy to learn how to solve things without their fists.

If you are this way
They are going to want you that way
If you are that way
This way
In the end it's all about control
You can't win.

It's reductionist 
I don't buy it.

I know I am being difficult.
The way things are is not going to last.
Good people need to be rewarded.

I am trying to be more polite.

It doesn't help to blame somebody.

I don't think grandma likes what you are doing.
She must have had a reason.

what do I know?
Y'all are the ones having a tug of war.
I am just the rope.

And y'all are complaining about men.

It's checkmate
She has Sunday
There is nothing I can do.

Just because I don't have a black eye,
Doesn't mean I am not battered.

Caught between 2 terriers.
I need a good girl, like sunshine

We are being forcefully separated.

I was pushed full of this crap
When you knew nothing was wrong with me.

It's all being held together with bubble gum and voodoo.

I can't do anything.
She can kill me.

You just sift and find the nuggets.
I don't know where I get my information from.

Dreams conjecture 2+2=4
I want to know how can we live in the same world.

The world is fractured.
I don't understand what makes it work.

She said any woman could make me feel that way,
And if I wanted to feel that way,
She could provide

Saturday, February 3

Dave the axe murderer

IYou You You IYou You I BY

It's like drinking the ocean
There is never more than a couple hours 
Before the stones start falling 

I've been down Broad St once.
It goes on forever.

When they start talking about me on CNN
That is the beginning of the end
Let's hope that never happens.

I feel like one of Harry Mudd's Robots 
She wants me to blow a circuit
I just want my sanity.

It wasn't what she wanted.
She would have found a reason to end it.

Why do I need you?
I caused the Big Bang.

You are always going to be expecting something.
It is never going to be enough with you.

If you don't want the same things
You let go, you move on
But you won't let me
You think you are saving the world from an axe murderer or something.

Time travel is always a desperate act.

So is listening to the radio.

It just feels foreign to me,
And it is.

You are into heavy metals.
I am not.

I don't see how they can diagnose people,
When they don't even know what normal is.

I'm just a GUY in this world
Cause that's all lead will let me be.

They know
They are so scared an undescended testicle will cause wwiii
That they don't care.

I admire Trump
He is so rich he doesn't have to put up with this shit.

That is the phenomenon,
That is why he is who he is.

They won't let people be Ghandi anymore.

You have no reason to be upset.
You are just being difficult.

It is some adolescent fantasy,
But he is the president 

When you stop rewarding good people
That is what happens.

I thought you would be there
I really did.

Me me me me me
Ok I get it

I guess there were times when I should have been there too.

Wednesday, January 10

Voting for Dukakis

This I'm Don't 

Imagine the universe was a video game
And if you wanted to save your place
The system would give you a number.

How big would that number have to be 
To save everything?

I don't need proof to entertain something.
Just because I entertain something,
Doesn't mean I believe it.

Sometimes my understanding is like a jigsaw puzzle.
It's all important if it fits or not.

Baptize yourselves.
Don't fight over who is real and who is not.

I am always at the bottom,
And it's always my fault
Men suffer too.

Am I alone in my own skin?

I think they like my self deprecating personality.

I don't think they like people who are looking for a Nobel prize over this.

How much longer are things going to remain polite?

I expected something 
This was far beyond what I expected.

Actually Henrico county is at the forefront of community treatment.
You guys are reading this because we are out in the community.
There have always been people who are more paranoid than delusional.

They are good people 
This medicine is causing shit
But who is ever going to believe me?

The world is full of lofty ideals that don't work.

You get harassed till you quit
Because your boss doesn't want to pay unemployment insurance 

Nobody strives to be a bad employee.

I might vote
And I would probably vote democratic 
But I am still upset about seventh guest 
It was considered a joke 
And some sort of trap is not a joke to me.

Faith in an objective reality is like everything else.

I have written this too close to home.
I should have developed a character and a plot.

Men are never going to change.
It's like asking dogs not to alphafy.

Are we the parrots,
Or are they?

How did my genome survive this madness?

I consider people were tired of voting for the less of two evils.
Polling and voting is seen now as more of a form of societal control,
I consider Americans don't like that

I consider a lot of people who would have never imagined it,
Did not vote.

There are
Don't want a God
Don't need a God
Don't deserve a God people,
But there is no such thing as an atheist.

This is a pinko fag telling you this.

They say they are atheists 
Then they turn around and do something like seventh guest
I am sorry but I am still upset about it.

There are those that hide behind the word "proof",
And do nasty things to people.

I hated Reagan 
I voted for Dukakis 

Treat each other right
This wasn't right.

I was big headed and they took it to me.

I feel they must consider the medication can aggravate  the condition they are trying to treat.