Thursday, December 19

I understand what they are trying to say

but I have to learn things the way everyone else does

the difference is in what i decided to learn

It is not that I want to be in control.
I just don't like being out of control.

Nothing ever goes as planned
and the blame is endless

it is not an office building
the whole wall has to be replaced

if we cant get together
what hope is there for anyone else?

I am sorry for ruining your night
I thought i could sit way in the back and watch
something is wrong with me
I may stop all this

what is fractal relativity?

I thought we were tight.
I felt we were special.
I felt like I lost my family

It means nobody likes me

Saturday, September 14

the hydrogen option

I dont think my life would have had a positive outcome
if it wasn't for my father

what is the best way to combat internet addiction

because the winner is the one who gets stuck with it

there has been a lot of tricksters
that is how they play

it was congress who created these hyper republican districts

its not just a nuclear option
it is a hydrogen option
and I think they are prepared to use it

Washington DC IS Area 51

I wanted a home run so bad I lost the game over it.

I think it is the districts too
but it is racist to say anything about it

there are no rules
it doesn't make sense
and it isn't fair

Two super massive black holes?

Saturday, June 22

it means "barking dog"

self defense doesn't make you judge jury and executioner

the rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness trumps everything else.

If he didn't deserve it, it was a violation of his civil rights

they are trying to make a right side wrong side issue out of this

if there is nothing left to calculate
if you are fully known
you minus well be dead

2 is to 5 as 4 is to 24

the worst thing you can do to a loved one is disappear

it is an act of violence to disappear on someone

if we would only live 5 years without them,
is it our civilization or theirs?

The beginnings get lost and no one can ever identify them.

there are some things known only to God.
and even that knowledge will attempt to pluralize itself

nations were baptized by fire one by one
some took longer than others

51 37 25 18 21 27

it is just an identifier don't worry about it

I haven't played a full game in a long time
I have been getting around to it

are you gasible?
is your family gasible?
who decides who is gasible and who is not?

the lack of moral outrage does not bode well for humanity

people were more upset about KAL

maybe they could use pycrete

Sunday, March 24

they do not want a formal decision

people are like meercats
and i just don't belong

the question is
Why is it normal in the first place?

there is some sort of catalyst that affects monkey text

I guess this is the 90's

Just because it is not true,
doesn't mean it is delusional.

I don't see
as a hypothesis
a farm hypothesis
any better or worse
than a zoo hypothesis

I dont need your negativity
I dont need someone who thinks the worst of me all the time.

If nothing is real
where is the reality to argue about?

you cant say nothing is real
and then argue as to which history is real or not

it is not democratic i am sorry

Sunday, December 23

accidents and accidentals

if you know where you are going, go there.
Do not get lost over me.

My name is Clozaril
I revive the wicked

I had exposure to what I wasn't prepared for.

it is a legitimate grouping and they don't want to accept it

they are frames not variables

yes it does matter

why go to the wizard when you don't know what you want?

I guess I am here for the fragrance.

you need a big target?
shoot the moon

Id give anything to see david 17 and happy
even if it wasn't me.

it cannot be rationally explained
the more you theorize the worse it gets.

there is a difference between accidents and accidentals

you dont use it to compute yourself a universe
an infinity of those are already there
you just need to twist or jump.

there are plenty of naturals out there
and they are far superior to anything contrived

they call it cowbirding or wildcating
but it works that way

personal property doesn't evolve well

if you no longer share frame of reference
Who is to say whats going to happen

Wednesday, September 26

this is not 1987

I think Obama faced more than Carter or Reagan

I like obsolete stuff.
We could have ten dollar computers if someone would support obsolete stuff

The sad irony is that he interferes
and that he is determined to interfere
He isn't going to find hydrogen and pull the plug

wow I didnt know my computer could do that!

What would you do with someone who knew too much of what he need not know to begin with?

if we adopt string theory
do we have to through away the adam?

This aint Star Trek.
you are watching too much television
things aint always solved in an hour

you dont recognize it because it represents a pair

I dont know what to say about that.

If you have a time machine
and the time machine causes the big bang
you are stuck with your time machine

Monday, September 24

the praying one is Jesus
He is trying to get John to pray

I could never push a wave this big