Sunday, December 4

It's thought Christ is a pansy.
It's thought love is in hell.
It's thought Christ is not going to physically do anything.
It's thought he needs to finish what he started,
Do what he promised.

This is not radical.
Millions of people believe this.

Democracy is not the real experiment.
The real experiment is whether we can live together or not.
Whether we can recognize reality or not.
Whether we are his or not.

Tuesday, November 8

The Dave Topology

It's not worth my sanity.

It is considered creepy and stalking

If they admit to what is happening in the polls,
It will make their situation worse.
I have no problem with it.
They lie and hide from the people,
Let the people hide and lie to them.

If states had rights
You wouldn't have to worry about your marriage
Or reproductive rights

If California wants to do one thing
And New Jersey wants to do something else
To a certain extent
They should be able to do that

Unfortunately it becomes a race issue and doesn't work.

It is the last hoorah of the silent majority.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Issues can always be hijacked by people who want to do the wrong thing

I decided to see if my vote mattered or not.

Actually I felt the party I voted for would have an unfair advantage.

They have four years to prove to the rest of us they are right.

A bunch of tricksters who want to play mind games on the public
Is not a demographic I want to be a part of.

I think the real question is whether doing without is a viable alternative.

Just because you discovered fire doesn't mean it belongs to you.
It's my mind's topology now and there is nothing I can do about it.
You only need one anyway.

Thursday, August 18

Universal Saturation

Is saturation real?
Or is it what you decide it to be?

What is universal saturation?

Mine is the same as yours, is the same as his...
Or, Mine is mine, yours is yours, his is his

In a scramble nothing is substituted 

If I gave every line its own page, it would cause a mess.
It is less spambolic that way.

The bizzarro people like that I leave it open like that.

It's like reality, you never know when the door is going to close.

You put it on the bus, and it just bounces around in there until you ask for it again.

They are bringing packets back from the dead.

States may resign and become dysfunctional.

Thursday, June 30

Good People, Bad Air

Happy birthday

I am not cut out for radio generous,
I need to leave.
If I could go back to that day I walked out
I would leave

White people have lived with lead for thousands of years

His body,
His blood,
If he is risen,
It is his decision.

If one lone gunman versus Kennedy doesn't balance out,
The crucifixion for 144000 elite individuals doesn't balance out.

Clean air matters
Clean water matters

Parsley sage rosemary and lead
It is just another part of the recipe

Are you doing what needs to be done?
Or are you doing what you want to do to somebody?

I was in the chat room or something,
And they asked me what I do it for
And I said "I am in it for the lulls"
Meaning quiet restful moments
And they just really thought that was funny

I don't know if they admire me,
Or if they just like watching me lose my mind.

It's like everything else,
Did it really happen?
I don't know.

I am a failure.
My ego is not doing its job

How can the electoral college do its job as a firewall,
If electorals can't vote their conscience?

Would you rather have a child, or a zero day?

What is monopolife?

The secret is 45rpm

Thursday, April 7

The other amoeba

I don't get angry like I am supposed to.
I can't run.
I have facial recognition problems
My social interaction is shot.
I can't push myself
I can't challenge myself
I don't feel the need to worship anything.

Proverbs is right.
Sometimes you need to set aside your personal understanding
And trust in God.

It bothers me that I don't know what the original timeline was.
I saw a small child given a game,
And he was told,"You have one chance, and if things go south, go south."

I want that small boy to make it back home.
Run with it.

I must admit, he looks nothing like Oj Simpson.

I guess the meme likes being stolen.

"Something in the water does not compute."

It is probably the cycle, not the water itself.

I guess the role does too.

I don't do the math,
The math does me.

Apparently so do a number of others.

Jesus was crucified for saying "I am"
His divinity is the central issue to why he was crucified.

Jesus was with God at the beginning
God was with Jesus through his lifetime
At the cross Jesus was God.

At the cross he was alone

Satan want us to play name games and go on big ego trips like it was tbefore the flood.

Sitchin was looking for a sucker to bring back the name game, and I fell for it.

They do it because it makes them burn and they like It

If an amoeba splits in two,
Which one is the real one.

Monday, March 21

Kraft Quality

There are a lot of sad people out there.
We can't write them all off for being stupid.

There is no pass or fail.
It is all about how far you can take it.

No one was supposed to get hurt.
It was a funhouse.
It wasn't meant to have a solution.
It wasn't meant to be solved.

Do dominoes fall?
Only if you set them up.
Miracles happen when they need to.


You shouldn't call for it unless you are ready for it.

Winning and solving may be anthropic 

What I consider is aliens may not think that way

You are right
I can't just make statements 
I must consider being able to defend them.

It is considered just because we haven't learned anything.
The more we focus on winning and solving the worse it gets.

"You didn't have to be so nice.
I would have loved you anyway."

End stage renal disease.

I like the idea of someone listening to the same stream I am.


I need to be careful.
I am almost always upside down or backwards.

I think it means distress.

You get to the top and realize you have been had.
Then your job is to have somebody else.

I am here to experience the argument,
But it isn't working.

That attitude developed because anyone could do anything better than me.

An "equation that works"?
I'll take it.
I guess that is good for an outsider.

How much information can our hard drive hold,
Even if we do last forever?

What can I say?
It was a bad career choice.

Wednesday, February 24

You Know

Too dumb to smash it with a hammer.

I pleaded with her to stop.
She was ready to launch.

I wonder what was so special about Bill Cosby's house.

I am a good guy.
I don't deserve this shit.
She couldn't cover me.
It's not my fault.
I tried to tell her something was wrong.

I am in the way.
I am an obstacle to who she wants to be.

I don't know exactly what American women feel entitled to.

I am a man.
I don't have the right to be in the way.

I guess I can't debate common sense.

The democrats sneezed and the republicans caught the flu.

Delusions are generally the simple explanation.

They are an explanation to something the individual is experiencing.

I don't know what the Internet has to do with the Big Bang.

If we are being compressed, it will develop flaws.

I would go farther, but I hate drum machines.

Mommy why does everyone want to ruin us?

Mommy why does everyone want to ruin us?

That's what buddies are for.

If you can follow it, you are me.

I can't say it was done on purpose,
But that is why it is written this way.

They are against football.

It means something to me.
I don't want people to be afraid of me.

It depends on how you define the end.

What is egolectic?

I think they want something to be wrong with my family.