Tuesday, January 27

Dark time is easy.
Dark time is events that haven't happened

If object permanence is a skill
Then reality is something you must learn.

Reality is a skill I am lacking in.

Why was that so easy to find now?
It wasn't like that before

Anything that sets you apart is a psychiatric condition.

If everything is about sex then why are we here?
We minus well be fruit flies or something.

What a relief.
I thought it was membranes colliding in my head.

Saturday, January 10


i envy the ability to move on.
I feel like I am stuck.
I feel like I don't have that ability.
I mean how am I supposed to move on.

I guess singlemindedness is good with some things.
For other things it is a disaster

1 + 8 = 9

8 + 16 = 24

24 + 8 = 32

24 + 25 = 49

Math is a good way to jam.

It's not a perfect sequence.
It beats around the bush.

I want to play railroad tycoon with my iPad

Also present, as in Tutankhamun's tomb, were decorative designs featuring the representation of the twelve monkeys, symbolizing the night hours on one of the burial chamber walls. Totally unique to any royal tomb are beautiful bird hunting scenes. The tomb was discovered by Belzoni in 1816.

Read more: http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/ay.htm#ixzz3P2zJAefk

Please forgive me about what is going on with jasmine
I am not strong enough to confront her and stop her
I do not agree with what she posts

They represent dark time

I felt she did not want me in her life
And it was up to her

I felt something spooky was going on
And I felt she knew something

I don't want to get well
I have had enough
Nobody wants to work with me anyhow

You can't rely on what a person remembers and what they don't
It doesn't work

Hey at least I knew what the Big Bang was.
My doctor asked me if it was a good explosion or a bad one.

We are talking universal lethality,
I shouldn't even be here.

Playing around like that is not a good idea.
I don't know why I feel I have to reinvent the wheel.
Well I do but it's a long story.
I just sometimes feel the powers that be don't name things well.

It's the spelling
And the character development
And the dialog
And the adjectives
And do people on the net really want to read paragraphs anyway?

I wouldn't want to play Tom Brady when he is pissed.

I wonder if they count the counties and skip the cities thinking they are in the county.

Calling you paranoid
Is a bigger fly swatter

Fig leaves are one thing,
Lipstick is a whole different thing

Thursday, December 11

Bubble Wrap

We shouldn't have "wiped our assess with it"
I won't do that again.
I apologize

What is a second?
How do you pictograph time?
The universe expands because time is slowing down?
How would we know?

How can there be a universe without universal time?

It's not dark matter
It's universal time?

Recently I have wondered why Relativity doesn't shatter everything.

I guess you don't need it if you don't have problems with it.

Call it dark time
Would it still perform the same function?

Things are not as fragile as it seems they should be.

It's like the universe has bubble wrap.

If this is lucky, I would hate to see what cursed is like.

I think they should call it The Obama Bowl.

I don't mean to treat the language poorly.
I write this way because of a vision I had.

I guess if I got away with it,
everyone would start doing it,
and there would be a domino effect,
and the language itself would suffer.

1 + 8 = 9
9 + 16 = 25
25 + 24 = 49
49 + 32 = 81

What is a magic ladder?

3 is an explosion,
4 is an implosion.

I can't have an answer for everything.
Sooner or later I had to face up to something.

1 square
Surrounded by 8 squares
Is a total of 9 squares

Saturday, November 15

A Selfish Catalyst

i n f o
n f o i
f o i n
o 1 i 1 n 1 f 1

i n f o
n f o i
o i n f
f 2 o 5 i 3 n 4

i n f o
f o i n
o i n f
n 3 f 4 o 2 i 5

i n f o
f o i n
n f o i
o 4 i 2 n 5 f 3

i n f o
o i n f
n f o i
f 5 o 3 i 4 n 2

i n f o
o i n f
f o i n
n 6 f 6 o 6 i 6

you are right
the original was wrong
i consider it developed mistakes

Wednesday, November 12

lucid absurdity

Nobody  asks if Oklahoma City is small.
I think they do it to piss me off.

I am not sure what I am trying to be right about.

If there is a 12 by 2, and a 3 by 8, there should be a 4 by 6.

I have always said I am not here to be happy,
But if you don't love the world
Everything goes to shit

I know it's a Hail Mary but it ain't on me.

I consider they generally degenerate if not maintained.

Like I said, if you don't love the world it goes to shit.

It may seem simple to you, but it's not to me,
And that doesn't make me a bad person
A train wreck is coming and I can't stop it

They are going to go all in.
They think it would be stupid not to.

I am worried it is going to turn into a financial thing
And that it's going to evaporate.

Why do you know so much?
I want to know what you know.

It's a thrown away Bible for thrown away people.

Psychiatry likes to shotgun.

I care whether it's living or not.
Being authorized means less to me

There is something to this no information
thing, but I think it's the shutout that matters.

I was slow.
If I did my homework I did not have time for anything else.

Giving a shit is pathological.

Everybody needs a narrative.
What makes one narrative better than any other.

People believe a lot of warped shit because they need a narrative.

People know what they need.
I don't have to lead them to it.

They let me publicize the gasoline.
That was a big deal.
Maybe they will mellow out too.

I never had dreams about you and her.
I told you what you wanted to hear.
I believe leaded gasoline caused a mass psychosis.

Just because someone beat you to the punch
Doesn't mean you didn't make the connection yourself

I got lead poisoning from playing in the dirt all the time.

In the presence of this lead issue,
I don't know what to believe and what not.

If you are doing drugs,
you need to consider what you are using them with
A radio antenna might not be the best idea

Blame the individual
Blame the parents
There are no environmental concerns at all

Lead sensitivity has more behind it than childhood immunizations causing autism.

Lead causes a problem wth calcium?
They use lithium instead of calcium because it would be too obvious?

Even if they wanted to say something,
They would lose their position,
And be thrown out of medicine.

Saturday, September 20

Stellar Mediocrity

JYyNNJNMNVGIf it is a condition, it is not a lifestyle.
If it is a lifestyle, it is not a condition.

If it is not a disease
You can't diagnose someone as having it.

I didn't know.

Just stick whatever you want in there,
Because that is what I feel.

Hide behind rules and labels.

It feels it is smarter than us.
It feels it should make decisions, not us.

I guess initial conditions are important.
I was mad at M for being mean to C.
I have never felt it was a big deal.
I guess it was.

I asked God to take it away from me
And I have never felt the same since.

If they are going to make a lasting decision,
It needs to come from congress

I feel embarrassed and stupid

You totally missed it.
it was about why people say "you know" all the time.

 I have earned my ignorance.

They call you delusional
Say you are hallucinating 
Then get mad saying you stole something
It's my head

I need a place where it's ok for me to be celebrate

I apologize for stealing the song

I stopped calling her,
I told the doctor I had schizophrenia
I don't know what else I could have done

I guess they wanted me to have a violent outburst
It is a little difficult to do that when you know it

I was bicycling in that crap

It is all about the chemicals

Megalomania is wishful thinking at this point
I hope I am just out of my head

I have tricked my physiology into thinking I have reproduced

No one ever sees the schizophrenic as a victim.

If it has black spots in it watch out.

The medicine takes you beyond the envelop in a way that is not good.

Quitting the game cold turkey was the hardest thing I ever did,
And I didn't get a trophy for it either.

I feel like doing the right thing was the wrong thing to do.

It is a legitimate grouping and I am not letting go of it.

There is no math to done
It's like saying numbers are even or odd
Except it not numbers its frames
They are hoping it's easy enough someone else will come up with it.

If it is not mine,
Why do I know how to use it?

Strange groupings are at the center of why we are schizophrenics
That does not mean the groupings are delusional.
If you don't understand why this would happen
You don't understand my flavor of schizophrenia

Who's reality am I supposed to be in denial about?

I wish I had given more consideration into what we already had.

Monday, July 21

The Last Paradigm

I haven't led her on
She is here because she wants to be here

Set, grouping, whatever we call it, nature is going to decide what it is

They think, if they make a game out of it, it will last longer.

Channeling doesn't lend itself to challenging yourself.

If I could make a real peice of music I would.

This sleek polished stuff is exactly what I am afraid of.

I feel people want me to be exactly what I am trying not to be.

Human relations is scary 
They are not going to rest until they have 120 percent of everybody.
Dissent will be pathological.

Half of them are trying to corner you
And the other half are pissed you are getting away with it.

I consider evolution may have mitochondrial assistance.

nothing exists if you don't believe in it.

they don't want you to know the voices can be pushed out.

I wouldn't get angry if I didn't value your opinion.
One day I am going to wake up and it's going to be too late.
I feel helpless.

Make them spend a lot of time on you.

If I lose control
Then the ball is not in play anymore.

Apparently it is "Eagle Nest" not "Eagle's Nest"
I hate handshakes.
People get hurt.

People think they know what the rules are.
Then people start playing dodgeball
And the whole thing goes nuts.

Don't get addicted to it
Unless you are creating something.

If it's not a positive force in your life,
you are better coping without it.

I feel they want to say addictive and predatory behavior is desirable
And it's not

I am in control.
I have control and you don't like it.
I am the epitome of everything you hate.
And there is not a damn thing
Either of us can do about it.

The sad part?
I wanted you to love me.
That is the sad part.

What is a Turing wash?

I was talking about computer addiction,
But it could apply to that too

What is a code wash?

Being insensitive doesn't require a great deal of effort.

Funny things happen when it matters

You want to know more about these things,
Come gather and consult.

I am a heretic who stumbled upon word verification.

The only thing stellar about mediocrity is the length of it.