Thursday, August 31


It never occurred to me.
It just was not an option.
I thought I had the freedom to be who I wanted to be.

God games are bad for your health.

God games don't have to be played on a computer.

I am guilty.
A lot of schizophrenics are playing God games with themselves.

It is difficult to stop a god game

When the doors are open
That means war is going on?

It looks like we are going to have to take it on the chin,
Before China is going to do anything.

I don't see the future.
The future sees me.

Is it better to be in denial about it?
Am I to be an unknowing fool?

What is willful ignorance?

The information itself decides who can be read in
And who cannot.

Tuesday, August 29

My 8.1 story

This past Monday I bought a used computer at a thrift store. I went to Walmart to buy a patch cord to connect my vga monitor to the dvi outputs but they did not have one. So I went to OfficeMax and they did, but it cost more than the computer did. But I bought it anyway. I got it home was locked out at a password prompt. I thought about it, and I read up on it. I tried to run an installation disc, but I couldn't get the system to boot from the DVD drive. I did not have a keyboard that had the right connector, so I went to target to get that. When I got back home, I was playing hell trying to get the system to go into cmos. Struggling with that, I discovered you could get into it by holding the shift key while clicking restart. Having discovered that I found I could also revert to previous versions of Windows that way too.  So I tried it and it worked. The system booted into windows 8. Of course I had to update it before I could install 8.1 and, after a little hacking, I got the 600 some updates installed, and after the whole day, 8.1 itself.

And hey, I discovered I actually like 8.1

Sunday, August 20

Romantic Hazing

Hazing is wrong too.
I wish they could do something about that.

Why does the eclipse go west to east?

None of us needs a lecture 
On nineteenth century politics.

It is easy to be romantic 
When it is not your freedom involved 

I feel for all those who fell
But it is not romantic anymore

I don't think an open sore is a good idea

Friday, July 14

confederate circles

IYou IThe I

I am sorry for what happened,
It was not planned or rehearsed

I have to stand public opinion.
People have been lynched for less.

I could have used better judgement.
I am sorry if she was traumatized.

We do have healthcare in America.
It is called bankruptcy.

How many people are being trickled out of the economy?

I thought they were talking about the election being hacked.
Having dinner is not hacking.

Has anyone else noticed they have changed the subject?
Why have they changed the subject?

Was information exchanged over dinner?
Was that information gathered by Russian hacking?

My relationship with Jesus is nobody else's business.
I have my story.

The land of cruel jokes and missed opportunities.

We need to help people going bankrupt 
Over catastrophic or long term care.

Because the democrats don't care about the cruel jokes.

They think it's cool.
They think it's part of American life.

Things don't have to involve money to be wrong.

She was the senator for the state of New York,
What did she know say or do about it?

I think they knew what they wanted to stick him with from the beginning
And there was collusion to have a special prosecutor 
To obtain that objective.

People are thinking this.

Do honeybees know they are pollinating?
Is it like tickling your throat to make yourself gag?

Was there collusion between Comey and the Hillary Clinton campaign?
Was the special counsel appointed honestly?

I am sorry.
It looks like a flea flicker to me.

It's wrong.
It's stupid.
It's wrong and stupid.

It is genuine.
It is strong.
It is genuine and strong.

Why should I get angry?
It is a game that doesn't get you anywhere.
They think you are stupid.
You are being played.

If they can keep you in that anger,
They can control you.

You are forced to accept anger,
Because it makes you predictable.

Am I the only one who understands?

I guess we better start planting trees again.

they are going to be called confederate circles,
and they are going to be a bigger draw than the monuments ever were.

I don't want to Nostradamus the whole thing
But as an egg,
Seeing over the horizon is my job.

Thursday, July 6

Daily America

IIt It It If If If It  HU

I admit he is not that savory 
But I have to defend him
there were serious concerns 
about the security of our election systems 
A long time ago
And I don't know if anything was ever done about it

You didn't have to be Nostradamus to see that one coming.

Let's just say
It wasn't a snowfall in May

Welcome to hell?
What is up with that?

I guess chicken pox is a serious thing if you are older.

Fox News just has a gloss the others don't have.

It is sad.
They are fighting over which is the communist.

Holding information for political advantage.

It looks like a trump card they were waiting to play.

How long has this been an issue?
And this is coming out just now?

This is not in the spirit of how things should work.

There are those that want education
To be at the center of social and economic life.
I don't agree with that.

I don't consider it a cure all for making people happy.

People don't like Hillary Clinton.
I fail to see why we need a political meltdown over this.

That is just what Putin would want,
And he probably counted on it.
We are really being played.

Our own arrogance is going to sink us.

They are going to start hitting 
with stuff that can't be answered in 24 hours.

What is the use of me having a voice
If I don't use it.

People are day to day right now.

This is not a broadcast.
If you are here you came here.

This is my personal space that I am sharing with you,
Because I feel not to do so,
Would confer an advantage
To people are not in the know

Because some have access to eggs like me,
And some don't.

It maybe useful to someone studying psychology.

Daily America has no idea how deep this thing goes.

A little more than word salad.
A little less than tea leaves.
I know I have the condition,
But I can't stop it.

There is a reason people don't write this way.
There is no barrier between me and the material.

It is like a DMZ
You are wide open for anyone.

A DMZ is used for trouble shooting.

I guess when I loose myself sometimes 
It is considered broadcasting.
But that is the psychological definition.

Sometimes you sink into broadcasting
And you don't come back.

It all starts with broadcasting.
If you understand that
You have a leg up.

I am trying to be constructive with my broadcasting.

Just because you are in a legitimate loop,
Does make it less dangerous.

You should not inflate the ego
Of someone who has a broadcasting issue.

Call it a Sticky Gate

Monday, June 19

Four Seconds


It goes backward until it arcs somewhere
Then you have a timeline 

I guess you could do it the right way 
And wait for someone to hit you

Women want babies
They don't care about timelines
They think they are all the same
They think it is stupid

What is the universe from the perspective of a sperm?
Isn't a man more than that?

It's not Christianity that's is making people's lives difficult 
It is the application of probability 

Sometimes things are difficult for a reason.

Applicate the applicators,
It's not the music, it's the charts.
You are deluded I can do anything about it.

It is too monolithic to be stupid chance.

The whole thing has become a probability circus.

I remember voting for Bill Clinton.
I took a lot of heat for it.
I took a lot of heat for just being a democrat back then.

It's better to be in a real hell than a false one.

We have a media medicine complex

I lied to James
It didn't even occur to me till I was in Florida.
What I meant to say is,
I think a part of me knew.

Most people don't see reality 
As something that can be lost

I took shit for appreciating Ghandi 

Either I don't remember,
Or that hasn't happened yet.

I need to leave the station
Nothing is ever going to work there.

Its like time zones 
They did not always exist
And our lives changed because of them

What is
The Cold Revolt?

If people did not die,
The whole equation for power would change.

It doesn't do good to feel bad about your country.
You need to divorce those sentiments from what's going on.

I guess they know more about ancient aliens.

I am the only one who has the time and the freedom to say anything.

If I had a job, I would probably get fired for doing this.
If I were in school I would probably be shunned.
As it is, Google gave me heat over what they called spam.
Now the president is doing it.
Imagine that.

It is my damn life
If that is the way I want to live it, that is my prerogative.
I am not going to base my life on sexual gratification.

The Cold War has screwed up people's heads.

It doesn't bother you 
That you can't have an original thought 
Unless you have paid your dues or done the math?

Freedom of purpose 

You are either doing it or you're not.

Did you give it any thought
As to what you would do if it didn't work?

There has got to be something more for me than this.

I wish this was a movie and I could walk out.

She needs to back off 
It is never going to happen 
She is ruining my life

What can I say?
I was surrounded by Mennonites and gay people.

I was waiting to meet the aliens
Until I became xenophobic.

They manipulated my Dna 
But I was rejected by the gene pool.

I guess I am just someone who doesn't.
I guess I need to be happy with that.

I can't go from 0 to 60 in four seconds.

Thursday, May 18

Christmas Suprise


If you have someone's memories
You have a universe

How do we know dna is static
Maybe it goes off like a volcano

It is a situational dance isn't it?

Of course I idolize my father.
Everything I do have is because of him.

I am more paranoid than delusional,
But where do the delusions start,
And the paranoid end.

The Jehovah's Witness don't vote either
Maybe they kept you out of office

I am waiting for someone to come forward about lead
I am convinced it is responsible for the ebb and flow of civilization.

If I knew what was good for me, I would probably be scared.

What use is the presidency,
If we keep putting them through investigations like this?

I am a living breathing talking walking person.
I don't want to be calculated by some machine.
What is Liberty if they know what you are going to do
For the next 30 years

Art Bell talked about the hacking of voting machines 20 years ago

The high witches pledged a coronation and didn't deliver.

Using people you could form a computer

Are you worried about being inside a computer?
Pick up a bible.
If it's an absolute emergency,
Burn the darn thing

I don't think he is talking about tapes from the White House

They act like they got blindsided by this Russia thing. 
That is simply not true.

Nobody cared about grandma  
Till she got run over by a reindeer 

What is going to happen if this traces back to the Gore campaign?

The only difference is
She is not Al Gore
And he is not George W Bush

Or should I say no one cared about Rudolf 

Nobody cared about Rudolf 
Till grandma got run over 

It was thought, if Kennedy could go out that way
We must be living in hell.
From our parents perspective,
We grew up in hell.

It means Christ dying for you personally

I think people that would sit by 
And watch the floor drop out
Are naive and stupid

Is it subversive to lie or decline to participate in polls?

This all started when he let a widow have a religious experience 
With her dead husband on national television