Saturday, September 20

Stellar Mediocrity

JYyNNJNMNVGIf it is a condition, it is not a lifestyle.
If it is a lifestyle, it is not a condition.

If it is not a disease
You can't diagnose someone as having it.

I didn't know.

Just stick whatever you want in there,
Because that is what I feel.

Hide behind rules and labels.

It feels it is smarter than us.
It feels it should make decisions, not us.

I guess initial conditions are important.
I was mad at M for being mean to C.
I have never felt it was a big deal.
I guess it was.

I asked God to take it away from me
And I have never felt the same since.

If they are going to make a lasting decision,
It needs to come from congress

I feel embarrassed and stupid

You totally missed it.
it was about why people say "you know" all the time.

 I have earned my ignorance.

They call you delusional
Say you are hallucinating 
Then get mad saying you stole something
It's my head

I need a place where it's ok for me to be celebrate

I apologize for stealing the song

I stopped calling her,
I told the doctor I had schizophrenia
I don't know what else I could have done

I guess they wanted me to have a violent outburst
It is a little difficult to do that when you know it

I was bicycling in that crap

It is all about the chemicals

Megalomania is wishful thinking at this point
I hope I am just out of my head

I have tricked my physiology into thinking I have reproduced

No one ever sees the schizophrenic as a victim.

If it has black spots in it watch out.

The medicine takes you beyond the envelop in a way that is not good.

Quitting the game cold turkey was the hardest thing I ever did,
And I didn't get a trophy for it either.

I feel like doing the right thing was the wrong thing to do.

It is a legitimate grouping and I am not letting go of it.

There is no math to done
It's like saying numbers are even or odd
Except it not numbers its frames
They are hoping it's easy enough someone else will come up with it.

If it is not mine,
Why do I know how to use it?

Strange groupings are at the center of why we are schizophrenics
That does not mean the groupings are delusional.
If you don't understand why this would happen
You don't understand my flavor of schizophrenia

Monday, July 21

The Last Paradigm

I haven't led her on
She is here because she wants to be here

Set, grouping, whatever we call it, nature is going to decide what it is

They think, if they make a game out of it, it will last longer.

Channeling doesn't lend itself to challenging yourself.

If I could make a real peice of music I would.

This sleek polished stuff is exactly what I am afraid of.

I feel people want me to be exactly what I am trying not to be.

Human relations is scary 
They are not going to rest until they have 120 percent of everybody.
Dissent will be pathological.

Half of them are trying to corner you
And the other half are pissed you are getting away with it.

I consider evolution may have mitochondrial assistance.

nothing exists if you don't believe in it.

they don't want you to know the voices can be pushed out.

I wouldn't get angry if I didn't value your opinion.
One day I am going to wake up and it's going to be too late.
I feel helpless.

Make them spend a lot of time on you.

If I lose control
Then the ball is not in play anymore.

Apparently it is "Eagle Nest" not "Eagle's Nest"
I hate handshakes.
People get hurt.

People think they know what the rules are.
Then people start playing dodgeball
And the whole thing goes nuts.

Don't get addicted to it
Unless you are creating something.

If it's not a positive force in your life,
you are better coping without it.

I feel they want to say addictive and predatory behavior is desirable
And it's not

I am in control.
I have control and you don't like it.
I am the epitome of everything you hate.
And there is not a damn thing
Either of us can do about it.

The sad part?
I wanted you to love me.
That is the sad part.

What is a Turing wash?

I was talking about computer addiction,
But it could apply to that too

What is a code wash?

Being insensitive doesn't require a great deal of effort.

Funny things happen when it matters

You want to know more about these things,
Come gather and consult.

I am a heretic who stumbled upon word verification.

The only thing stellar about mediocrity is the length of it.

Saturday, July 19

A Selfish Catalyst

i n f o
n f o i
f o i n
o 1 i 1 n 1 f 1

i n f o
n f o i
o i n f
f 2 o 5 i 3 n 4

i n f o
f o i n
o i n f
n 3 f 4 o 2 i 5

i n f o
f o i n
n f o i
o 4 i 2 n 5 f 3

i n f o
o i n f
n f o i
f 5 o 3 i 4 n 2

i n f o
o i n f
f o i n
n 6 f 6 o 6 i 6

Saturday, April 26

Nonsense microwaves

I wouldn't have the title if no one was reading it.

What is digital glow?

The same people who will accept they are only one person
and cannot change anything,
get upset if you tell them they don't matter.

It is a legitimate grouping.
I cannot force you to accept that.

I don't know.
It has some therapeutic value.

What is heat psychology?

Superstition is what happens when the floor drops out.

Until you have been at the center of the whirlwind,
I don't think you can fully understand.

There is a difference between going viral
and bleeding out.

whenever I do get an idea of why it is dangerous
it does not stay in my head very long

I thought I was doing something bold and heroic.

The crime rate went down because we stopped using leaded gasoline.

If I thought I could write a novel I would.

Thursday, December 19

I understand what they are trying to say

but I have to learn things the way everyone else does

the difference is in what i decided to learn

It is not that I want to be in control.
I just don't like being out of control.

Nothing ever goes as planned
and the blame is endless

it is not an office building
the whole wall has to be replaced

if we cant get together
what hope is there for anyone else?

I am sorry for ruining your night
I thought i could sit way in the back and watch
something is wrong with me
I may stop all this

what is fractal relativity?

I thought we were tight.
I felt we were special.
I felt like I lost my family

It means nobody likes me

Saturday, September 14

the hydrogen option

I dont think my life would have had a positive outcome
if it wasn't for my father

what is the best way to combat internet addiction

because the winner is the one who gets stuck with it

there has been a lot of tricksters
that is how they play

it was congress who created these hyper republican districts

its not just a nuclear option
it is a hydrogen option
and I think they are prepared to use it

Washington DC IS Area 51

I wanted a home run so bad I lost the game over it.

I think it is the districts too
but it is racist to say anything about it

there are no rules
it doesn't make sense
and it isn't fair

Two super massive black holes?

Saturday, June 22

it means "barking dog"

self defense doesn't make you judge jury and executioner

the rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness trumps everything else.

If he didn't deserve it, it was a violation of his civil rights

they are trying to make a right side wrong side issue out of this

if there is nothing left to calculate
if you are fully known
you minus well be dead

2 is to 5 as 4 is to 24

the worst thing you can do to a loved one is disappear

it is an act of violence to disappear on someone

if we would only live 5 years without them,
is it our civilization or theirs?

The beginnings get lost and no one can ever identify them.

there are some things known only to God.
and even that knowledge will attempt to pluralize itself

nations were baptized by fire one by one
some took longer than others

51 37 25 18 21 27

it is just an identifier don't worry about it

I haven't played a full game in a long time
I have been getting around to it

are you gasible?
is your family gasible?
who decides who is gasible and who is not?

the lack of moral outrage does not bode well for humanity

people were more upset about KAL

maybe they could use pycrete